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N.S Ignition

Overwhelming power, extreme durability, and absolute strength faithful to the basics were created.

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Produkt Gewicht Griff Max PWR PE ÜS Preis
N.S Ignition SW 2500 HG 280g T 6,5kg PE 0.6-1.0 5.8 149,99 €
N.S Ignition SW 3000 HG 285g T 7,5kg PE 1-2 5.8 159,99 €
N.S Ignition SW 4000 HG 310g Rund 9,5kg PE 1-2 5.8 169,99 €
N.S Ignition SW 5000 HG 326g Rund 10 kg PE 1.5-3 5.8 179,99 €
N.S Ignition SW 6000 HG 472g Rund 11 kg PE 2-4 5.6 189,99 €
N.S Ignition SW 7000 HG 515g Rund 13kg PE 3-5 5.6 199,99 €
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Double frame reinforced rotor
Targeted fish can be subdued without shakiness of rotor even when strong load is applied.

Lineholder / STS Lineholder (No.6000~7000)
Adopting the line holder made from highly durable plastic/STS, it reduced abrasion and damage that may be caused by prolonged use.

Inclined spool edge
Spool edge, processed to be inclining, enables the line discharge without disruption and increases driving distance.

Round EVA power knob (corresponding to No. 4000~7000)

Adopting the round-shaped power knob preferred the most by the Korean, it provides optimal grip on the material made from premium EVA.

Carbon drag pad adoption

Adopting the carbon drag pad, it ensures strong drag power and extends the life of drag pad.

Double cam gear

Adopting the double cam gear which was rare previously, the targeted fish can be subdued safely with powerful pulling force(drag force).