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TYPE : Suspending
SIZE : 82mm
WEIGHT : 11.4g
DEPTH : 1.0m


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Produkt Farbe Preis
NS NEO 82SP 073 Metal Iwashi 15,99 €
NS NEO 82SP 077 High Hg. Red Head 15,99 €
NS NEO 82SP 084 Chartreuse Rainbow 15,99 €
NS NEO 82SP 118 Crash Hg. Pink&Orange 15,99 €
NS NEO 82SP 121 High Hg. Chartreuse Head 15,99 €
NS NEO 82SP 128 Mist Pearl Red Head 15,99 €
NS NEO 82SP 129 Hight HG. Pearl Tiger 15,99 €
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New NEO 82SP offers superb actions and stability. For longer casting distance and more stable actions, it is fitted with its own magnetic weight transfer system. A normal retrieving will make this lure swim slowly, attracting the fish. In case of jerking, the magnetic weight transfer system creates fast movement while maintaining the balance.