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BKK Viper-41

Produkt Hakengröße Stück pro Päckchen Preis
BKK Viper-41 6 8 10,59 €
BKK Viper-41 5 8 10,59 €
BKK Viper-41 4 8 10,59 €
BKK Viper-41 3 8 10,59 €
BKK Viper-41 2 7 10,59 €
BKK Viper-41 1 7 10,59 €
BKK Viper-41 1/0 6 11,89 €
BKK Viper-41 2/0 6 11,89 €
BKK Viper-41 3/0 6 11,89 €
BKK Viper-41 4/0 5 13,19 €
BKK Viper-41 5/0 5 13,19 €
BKK Viper-41 6/0 5 13,19 €
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The Viper-41 is a strong and shiny 4x treble hook designed with long and straight needle points and a very aggressive bend, developed eyeing at topwater techniques.

To reduce the overall weight of the hook and to make it stay closer to the lure we shortened the welded section of the treble, thereby also providing more flexibility to the structure.

The point is designed to maximize the hook-up rate when fishing topwater or when targeting fish that suck in the lure, while the aggressive shape of the bend ensures that the hook does not come off when the fish thrashes and jumps out of the water.

The Viper-41 is coated in Bright Tin to resist even harsh saltwater environments and comes in a wide size range (6 to 6/0) to fit a huge array of lures, from small vibes to big SW stickbaits and poppers.