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NS Black Hole Boca"S"


Slow Pitch


Light Popping

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Produkt Gewicht Länge PE Teile Transportlänge Preis
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Jigging S-521 230g 1,57m PE 3-5 1 1,57m 339,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Jigging S-541 256g 1,62m PE 3-4 1 1,62m 339,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Jigging B-581 (Spiral) 256g 1,73m PE 2-3 1 1,73m 349,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Jigging B-621 (Spiral) 255g 1,88m PE 1.5-3 1 1,88m 349,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Slow Pitch B-612H3R 174g 1,86m PE 4.0 2 1,36m 339,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Slow Pitch B-642H2MF 175g 1,93m PE 2-3 2 1,43m 339,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Slow Pitch B-682HMF 172g 2,03m PE 1.5-3 2 1,53m 349,99 €
NS Black Hole Boca"S" Slow Pitch S-662H2MF 186g 1,98m PE 2-3 2 1,48m 349,99 €
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S-521 (Grip : 377mm) /
S-541 (Grip : 377mm) / B-581 (SPIRAL / Grip : 435mm)

One piece design, it resolves the problem of removable butt types and provides a stable bend from the top guide to the reel seat, ensuring prefect landing of even monster-grade fish and rhythmical metal jig jerking.

B-621 (SPIRAL / Grip : 435mm)
A jigging rod which enables high pitch jerking of metal jigs weighing 150 to 250g, like lifting a feather, the most basic action in vertical jigging of amberjack and kingfish.

B-612H3R (Grip : 435mm)
It is a H3 Power that provides the highest elasticity among vertical jigging fishing rods and allows you to easily control even monster-grade fish. This product is ideal for users with a height of 175cm or more in all types of jig fishing.

B-642H2MF (Grip : 435mm)
This product creates basic movements for both beginners and advanced fishers when vertical jigging for amberjack and kingfish. This product serves as a basic model for vertical jigging that has already gained positive feedback from many jig anglers.

B-682HMF (Grip : 435mm)
This product creates smooth and rhythmical movements without the need for high pitch, short jerking and enables easy jigging even at depths of 100m or more.

S-662H2MF (Grip : 449mm)
This model is recommended to those who prefer spinning vertical jig fishing. 
It can be used in both shallow and deep sea, and reduces the fatigue in the shoulder muscle during the prolonged jiging action.

(Grip : 415mm)
This product is quintessential for casting to 60kg GT. It can cast poppers to make fish like tuna weighing more than 100kg rise up.

S-84 (Grip : 415mm)
It can handle strong drag power and powerful movements in shallow water and rough sea terrain when amberjack and kingfish popping. It allows you to land the fish quickly even in rough terrain without being swept along. 

S-88 (Grip : 415mm)
It is the most ideal for popper fishing. The blank is very lightweight and provides powerful torque. Even small bodies can cast the line/lure easily to their satisfaction with this rod.

S-804 (Grip : 425mm) / S-842 (Grip : 425mm)
Ideal for using metal jigs and pencils with a weight of about 40-100g, it is slim and lightweight but provides more than expected torque for big mackerel, dolphinfish and even amberjack and kingfish.

S-1002 (Grip : 415mm)
It enables the farthest cast with up to 120g pencil floating or sinking, and allows you to cast the line to reach the target area